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Friday, May 21, 2004

nEw ART woRk
hEy.. tHIs iS mY neW LAyOUtttttttt.. hEhehehE mA nU sKin.. wAddAyAthinK ^^ kAkAKakka sEnANgnya.. kEREn yAh yAh??? hAUEhuae koQ jAdi mujI sEndIRi.. DEsiGnnyA tOp Abis..
Tp kOQ kALo mAKe opEra shoUTboxnYA dOEsnT shOwed Up yAh.. kALo di inTErnEt exPLorEr shOWs.. mmm i WondEr whAts WrOng..

WhicH 1 is bEttEr.. thiS onE.. or befORe?? tHug chic OR tImE sQuarE? ANy criTics?? thX..
fOr LAdy mEphis.. i NEed ur heLp A.s.A.p.. i'vE LEft mSg On uR shOUTbox.. n hAve mAILeD u.. add me on mSn pLs.. thAnks a Lot.. U RoX!!

i mADe tHis yEstERday.. wAddaya tHink??

niEnnA ANariOn todAys JouRnEy @ 9:28 AM

Thursday, May 20, 2004

bETwEen weEd aND aLcoHOL
Lets tALk bOUt wEed n aLcoHOL.. shALL we.. we'LL tALK bouT whAT it is, whAts d EffecT,eTc.. as WE know wEEd is LegaLisE by sUm eURope cOuntRy.. n alCohoL is Already LegALise in ALL counTRy whEN uR aLreaDy in thE age of 21.. rite? n which is harmless..
i have VeRY LitTLE inFo n facTs bOut Weed.. i aLways Think aLcohOL is thE LowEst DRuG n i usEd to ANti wiTh anY dRugS oR aLcoHoL.. AftEr i gOT ppL tELLin mE thAT dRiNKin soCiALLy is Ok.. i oPENed my mInd FoR aLCoHOL.. dAN g miKIr g AKan bUKA mAtA cUmA unTUk aLCoHOL sinCE i tHouGHt aLcohOL is tHE LowEst dRUg.. n LAteLy i juST hEarD 2 ppL toLd mE thAT wEed is thE LowEsT dRug of ALL.. jadi i LOoked sum inFO on tHE inTernEt To knOw aBoUT thiS wEed ThIngY cOmpAre To ALcoHOL.. jADi iNI jusT resEarCh thAt i diD to gAIn moRe knOWLedgE..
Lets start with :

Origin of the species
The drug itself is derived from Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica, a plant related to nettles and hops that grows wild in many parts of the world. Cultivation dates back thousands of years.

Key Points

  • Cannabis contains more than 400 chemicals. The main psychoactive ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or 'THC'

  • Cannabis contains more tar than tobacco, and has a higher concentration of carcinogens (cancer-causing agents)

  • Cannabis became a controlled substance in Britain in 1928

  • 44% of 16 to 29 year-olds have tried cannabis at some point in their lives. Half of them have used it in the last year

  • In 1998, 76% of people arrested for drugs offences in Britain were charged with possession of cannabis

  • Smoking marijuana is more popular in America than surfing the Internet

  • >>>>>> hahaha no wonder ppl that love surfin the internet called freak or nerd in america <<<<<<

    how it effects ur body n area which affected :
    after u inhaled.. the smoke of weed is delivered to the lung n it affected ur brain, eyes, ear, mouth, heart, stomach and skin.
    how it affected?
    brain : causes u to loose ur short-term memory and decrease ur co-ordination
    eyes : makes ur eyes read n eyelids puffy
    ear : it increases ur hearing, it makes u more sensitive to sounds, thats y when ur high music become more appreciated
    mouth : it becomes dry
    heart : the blood pressure is altered n quickens ur pulse rate
    stomach : increases ur appetite n makin u feel hungry
    skin : heightened sensitivity n increased sex drive

    -The "Lows" of wEed-

  • The Fear

  • High doses can cause mild hallucinations and sensory distortions, which may cause alarm. Users refer to this as 'getting the fear',Mild panic and paranoia are other side effects.
  • Memory loss

  • Users can also experience short-term memory loss and reduced coordination, Taking cannabis for a long time may have lasting effects on the memory. According to new research, the memory and attention span of users seems to get worse the longer they take the drug. Long-term users also show an impaired ability to learn, and it is not clear whether giving up cannabis enables them to recover.
  • Lung cancer

  • Cannabis smokers also inhale more smoke for longer periods than cigarette smokers, so they take in four times more tar. If you also smoke normal cigarettes on top of this, your tar intake can hit the roof. The lung cancer risk gets even higher. A recent study by the British Lung Foundation found that just three cannabis joints a day cause the same damage as 20 cigarettes.
    One of the strongest arguments for legalising cannabis are its medical uses

    here's an interesting story from a father whos son is having all the negative effects from weed : weed is not a soft option


    Infected with yeast
    Alcohol was discovered thousands of years ago when humans tasted liquids, which had become infected with yeasts. Recipes discovered on ancient tablets prove that the Babylonians were 'getting the beers in' back in 4300 BC. The Ancient Greeks and the Romans were wine connoisseurs and by the Middle Ages alcoholic brews were drunk as a safe alternative to water, which was often contaminated.

    In the 19th century the 'Temperance movement' began to portray drink as an evil rather than a benefit. Between 1919 and 1933 the US introduced the Prohibition, which banned alcohol and resulted in the creation of underground drinking dens.

    Today, drinking is an increasingly popular social phenomenon and recent research has suggested a health benefit of moderate alcohol consumption. But the dangers of drinking are also being more widely understood.

    Key Points

  • Yeast is the star of the drinks industry. If it feeds on sugar in the absence of oxygen, it releases carbon dioxide and ethanol - the drinkable form of alcohol

  • Only 20% of the alcohol you swallow is absorbed by the stomach

  • Heavy drinking is blamed for up to 33,000 deaths a year in the UK

  • When you consume alcohol, you lose more water in your urine than you take in the drink itself

  • Booze interferes with the nerve endings that control erections

  • Binge drinking is thought to have serious long-term health impacts

  • After a heavy night out drinking your body is dehydrated which causes your brain to shrink away from the skull

  • -The "Low" oF aLcohoL-

  • if you keep drinking beyond the early warning signs you're heading for trouble - trouble focussing, trouble speaking, trouble keeping upright, Falling over is a common mistake when drunk because alcohol affects the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls fine movements. If finding the end of your nose with your index finger is difficult, you know your cerebellum has been affected.

  • They may have impressed their mates, but men may be in for some embarrassment in the bedroom after drinking ten pints. Booze interferes with the nerve endings that control an erection, and it also reduces levels of testosterone, the hormone that controls sexual desire. Hard luck lads!

  • Researchers think they know why inebriated people sometimes pass out. When people stand up their blood pressure drops and a sober body responds by tightening blood vessels. After knocking back a skinful, this system no longer works, which is why standing up to leave can induce a faint.

  • Drinking heavily is very dangerous. A major session can affect the medulla or brain-stem, which controls the basic functions of the body that keep you alive. Large quantities of drink cause a similar effect to general anaesthesia and lead to lack of consciousness and even death.

  • the DAy AFtEr u dRink..
  • hANg ovEr, Waking up with a hangover is a sign that you drank far too much last night and your body didn't like it at all. Here's what's happening...

  • Dehydration, Alcohol is a diuretic, which makes you wee more. In fact, you lose far more water in your urine than you are taking in the drink itself. Dehydration causes the brain to shrink away from the skull slightly. This triggers pain sensors on the outside surface of your brain.

  • Electrolyte imbalance, Vital electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium are excreted from the body with the urine. These minerals help keep the heart beating and dangerous cardiac arrhythmias can occur after heavy drinking.

  • Tiredness, Alcohol lowers your blood sugar levels as glucose is excreted in the urine. Along with the late night, this contributes to extensive yawning the following day.

  • Attack of the free radicals
    Free radicals are harmful molecules formed in the liver as it struggles to break down ethanol. Usually, these are seen off by an anti-oxidant called glutathione but its reserves can run low after a drinking session

  • The Long Term Damages :
    This means, you need more alcohol for the same effect. This worsens the addiction. The liver then becomes over-active, cells die and the tissue hardens. The result is cirrhosis of the liver. This incurable condition was the reason for football hero George Best's liver transplant.
    Other risks of long-term drinking include heart disease, stroke, dementia and brain damage, myopathy - a weakening of the muscles - and shrivelled sex organs. Cancers related to alcohol include those of the liver, colon, rectum and breast cancer in women.

    here's a
    site that u can read bout alcohol n drugs

    what do u think guys?????, post a comment about my research.. do u agree.. which do u think is harmless.. if u know any usefull info.. post it in comment.. thanks :)

    From this research we can see that alcohol affects more than weed..
    i've tried aLcohol.. but it doesnt mean i'm gonna try weed just coz its less harmless than alcohol.. i dun like the smell n i dun like the stuff either.. jadi my opinion is still the same.. kalo mo nyimenk tetep jangan didepan g.. for the ones who are close with me.. n i admit that chimenk is less harmless then alcohol..

    niEnnA ANariOn todAys JouRnEy @ 9:52 PM

    tErcatAt mULAi jAm 10.30 pm FeLLma BAD MOOD!!!
    gA tAu knApA G LAgi sEnsiTif.. my PLan sLEepin Over @ puTi's cAncELLEd.. dIAjAk CLuBBin LAgi mALes cLubBin, Lagi pEngEn ngoBROL eh tEmen2 g Lagi pADA pEngEn mABok.. yA menDInG g gA iKut.. dARi PAdA bAD MooD sEhARiAn tRus End Up nguRUsin orANg mAbok.. bukAN G bAngEt Tuh..!!
    ditamBAH LAgi JADi tAmbAh BAD MOOD jam 00.30 am..
    >:( >:( >:(

    i wAtChed vAN hELSiNg @ wijAyA ToniTe..
    ANd i LOvE it.. LikE iT.. greAt eFfeCt dAN niCE scRiPT..
    AkhIRnyA gA hAppy ENdIng PULa.. hEhe noT thAt i LikE saD EnDiNg.. AtAU bAD enDiNg.. tp it gIves pLus ajA di FILm ini, sOALnyA jADi BeDA..
    wAH g SukA deh fILm2 vAmpiRe, wErewOLFs, wItched, 6th sENse gT.. Hmm dAri kECIL sukA bANgEt hUhuhuh bEen dReAmin To hAve onE of thoSE skILLs... plEasE pLeAse..

    oo iyA bTw.. azhAng AkhIRnya bisA ExtEnD sAmpE minggu..
    tRus tAdi mErEka sEmpET2in kETEmu.. puTi iS gOnnA piCK him uP @ bOGoR TOm.. sAdDiEsssss gA TUh.. hAHAHa dAH ADa pEngOrbAnAn Aje.. hAIehiaeh

    Quote of Today :
    "Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery."
    --Dr. Joyce Brothers

    "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."
    --Leo Buscaglia

    niEnnA ANariOn todAys JouRnEy @ 1:05 AM

    Wednesday, May 19, 2004

    3 monTh AnNivErsaRy *^^*
    niTe DraLeAv..
    juSt Got HomE fRom biAn's..
    TodAy iS my 3 MOnth AnnivErsAry Lowwwwwww.... *^^*
    sEnEng bANgEt.. EmANg Sih mASih sEumUR jAgUng.. Tp sayAnk bANgEt g ma paCAr g hEhe.. i FeEL LikE i'vE knOWn him fOrEvER.. hEhe yA gA fORevEr juga sih ;p CumA CLick bANgEt Aja..

    OOo iyA.. i hAve a sWeeT n kiNdA sad STORy fOR U gUYs..
    rEmEmbEr whAt i WRotE yEstErday oR 2 dAys Ago? bouT A gUrL n a bOY feLL in LovE wiTh eACh otHEr.. buT thE bOy is gOin 2 LEAve tHE ciTy thiS wEek..??
    nOw i'm GOnnA teLL u who thEy r..
    jADi sEbenerNyA g nyEritAIn tTg pUTi sAMA azHang hihi
    LAtELy thEy'vE bEen goin OUt a Lot.. cAtChed mOviEs.. tALkED a LoT.. n Found tHAt tHEy'rE Crazy boUT eaCh otHEr.. hEhehe Lucu yAh, iKUT sEnENg dEh sahAbAt g sEneNg :) Tp diA nyALAhin g tEruS gAra2 g KEnALin kE AzHAng, dAN AzHAng jugA gT hahah yA sALAh sEndIRi.. g SIh nGASihnyA cIntA sEsAAt kALo tau2nyA LEbih yA salAh sEnDIRi gA dikoNtROL hEhEHE Jk ;p
    nAh azHang's PLanE goNna tAke off oN ThuRSdAy.. bUt hE aLreADy cALLed the AirLIne iF he cOULd exTEnd tiLL sUnday, hAhA cOz "SUMTHIN" i meAn "SUM1" mADE HIm stAy ;p
    wELL mudAH2aN bisa yAh.. n AzHAng jUSt bEin picked Up by hiS fRienD, he's stAyin @ bOgor tiLL thuRsdAy, TRus tADi mErEka pisAH2an Gt.. :( sEdih juGa.. mERekA aLL hOoked Up, pELUk2an, sAYAnk2An, CIum pipi meLULu, waH kAyA dAH jADi dEh.. kayA wAKTu barU jAdi2 GT hAhah Lucu bANgEt ^^ tp pAS sAat2 terAkhiR mAyan sEdih gT.. kAYAnya gA reLA gT aZhAng PErgi.. wELL if thE he caNT exTEnd then iT wAS thEy're LAst timE sEein each oThEr.. Dunno tILL wHEn.. buT he cAn wELL thEy're GOin to meet AgAin oN wEekEnd.. mudAH2an bsiA ya..

    Oo iyA.. hARi iNi my 3 mONTh AnniVErsAry gA diRAyAin gimAnA2.. ABis baru 3 buLAn jugA.. buT ussUaLy hAve dInnEr @ sum pLace.. yang JELas.. i FeeL vERy hAppy TodAy, biAn gAvE mE a DoZEn oF rosEs.. wELL noT quiTe A doZEn hEhe buT a doZEn minus 2.. hehe 10 Jo..
    n thAt 10 RosEs oN a bOuqe.. (Eh bEnEr ga sih tuLisANnya?) hAS 5 diff cOLouRs.. *bLUsh* hEhe sEnengnyA.. aaaaaw soOo sWeet bANgEt cowo G :P, n A boDYsprAy n A shIRt.. hEhehe buT i DidnT GivE Em anythin :(
    wELL todAy wEnT greAT.. sLAin 3 bULAn, i hAng oUT wiTh puTi, iTs kiNDA hArD kan kEtEmu dIA nOWAdAys siNCe sHe's so buSy wiTh her woRk.. dAsAR wanitA kariEr.. hEhe
    -> back To bian..
    n i feeL thAt i LovE him moRe n more.. ;) cANt gEt enuFf oF him, hEhE g jadi mANjA bAngEt Td.. hEHe kAyANyA pEngEn fReEzE wAkTu n i wAnt To stAy thAt waY.. hEhe gA mUngKin AjA duLu..
    wahh pOkoknya gEmbirA dEh haRi Ini...

    Oo iyA tHis is Sum piCs thAt i scAnnEd FRom tHE nEwEsT CItA cIntA hehe.. ADa g ;p

    g SUkA bangEt how i LOok in this PIc..

    QuotE of todAy :
    Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,Take him and cut him out in little stars,And he will make the face of heaven so fineThat all the world will be in love with night,And pay no worship to the garish sun.Romeo and Juliet, 3. 2
    DEDicAteD To pUTi n AzhAng... saaaahhh CucUy deh Aw

    I love thee, I love but thee
    With a love that shall not die
    Till the sun grows cold
    And the stars grow old.
    ~ by Willam Shakespeare ~

    the gentleness of ur hand wrapped arround mine
    the tenderness of ur fingers when u touches my hair
    the soft whisper of ur breath againts my neck when u hold me
    the strong comfort of ur arms at the end of a long day
    the passion in ur kiss that makes my heart skip a bit
    the warm reassurance of your body againts mine when we fall asleep
    every time u touch me, i find another reason to fall in love with u all over again
    those r the reasons i Love u more n more... n really feelin it

    n thEsE 2.. iS FOR my bABy biAn.. :)
    onCe agAin hAppy 3 mONtH AnniversaRy LovE
    i LovE U..



    niEnnA ANariOn todAys JouRnEy @ 12:52 AM

    Monday, May 17, 2004

    WF 2003
    hEy hEy.. wAZzzupp??
    g LAgi FInAL nihh... 2 MiNggu.. hEhehE tp tHis WEek i goT oNLy 2 ExAms.. n i hAvE finiShED my ExAms TodAy.. =D jADi thE nexT 2 NExT WEek kEkekeK :)
    thiS moRnin tHE exAmS wAs cALcuLus 2 n AUtomAtA LAnguAgE.. gILaaaaaaa tAe bANgEttt.. cALcuLus g gA bisA ngErjAIn sAMA skAli.. dAMnnn i ThInk i fAIled iT.. :(
    tP at LEAsT i'm suRe i'm GonnA gEt A oR b fOR aUtomAtA LangUagE.. :)
    jadi alwAsy baD nEws n gOOD nEws.. n i hAVe 1 moRE bAD n gOOd nEws..

    thE gOOd nEws is :
    i'm ReALLy hAppy... COz onE of my bEsT fRienD is in LovE RItE noW.. mmm wELL noT reALLy iN LovE.. hEhe iTU beRLEbihAn.. buT shE hAS A cRush fOr a gUy. shE dIDnT eXpEcT thAt To hAppEnd.. buT iT dId hAppEnD.. n thE gUY shE hAs A cruSh On iS Goin bACk HomE thiS WeekEnD.. n hIS hoMe is in stAtes.. sAd huh?? wELL tADinyA sih CUmA Mo cintA2 sEsAat Gt.. Tp u'LL nEvEr kNOw if uR gOnnA reaLLy LikE 'Em RItE??
    thE fUNNy ThiNg iS.. jADi onE dAy.. i tOld my Best FRiend, thAt i hAve A gUy thAt i WantEd To introDucEd hEr, n hE wAS OnLy stAyin FOr a wHiLe hEre.. buT i DIdnT tOLD my BF n tHis GUy.. iS my bF's bEstfrieND.. n a dAy aFtEr thAt.. mY BF sAid thAt hE ToLd thE gUy thAt he wANTed to intRoducEd Him TO my BEst fRiend.. hhAhaH buT hE dIdnT tOLd mE.. So we boTh wEre thInkin tHE sAMe Thing.. hAHa.. n i thiS gUy reALLy LikE hEr Too.. hHihihihi SO sWeeettt... :) nEways.. i cAnt reALLy tELL u RitE nOW.. Who thE guy n Who tHE giRl iS.. hEheh bUt i BEt u kNo.. ;p

    wELL aLL tHE bEst foR boTh of thEm.. mudAH2An bisa mEnAngGULAngInyA hEheh Dunno whAt To sAY Gini.. hAhAH shE bLAmed mE fOR inTROducIng hEr To hIm hahAHAH.. noT my fAULt u hAvE A cRuSh On hIm.. hAHaHa

    tHE bAD nEws is :
    i haD A fIght witH mA bOy thE othER dAY.. n iT tOok me A whILE tO cALm DOwn.. n hE hiT a moTOr thIS moRnin n ALmoSt goT 2 crAshEs todAy.. :'( thANk goD hE's Ok n nUthin hAppEnD.. i'm SoRry bABy.. dIdnT mEAn to B AngRy @ u thAt Long..

    OO iyA.. LAst fRIday i Did 2 PhoToshOot..
    1 wAs For SLim ADvEToriAL.. n thE othEr oNe wAs for Wajah Femina YeAr 2003.. kAYA fOto AngkatAn gT DEh.. tp yANg dAteng CUmA 9 orANg :(
    2 is pragnEnt.. sum of tHEm liVe OUt oF ToWn.. 1 goT A bILLboArd PhoTosHOot for pRo-XL..
    n i hAD FUn.. i miSsed tiMEs when wE werE sTILL @ quArAnTinE.. :') hEHe tRus sEru baNget nGobROl2.. ribet2nyA pas fOTo rAme2.. di dRessiNg ROom.. hahAH bEnEr2 kAya wAkTu kARAnTina..
    herE's thE piC, ENjoy :

    back = sarah, oLani, NoVi, shinta, karina..
    front = me, anita (cantik banget + a hot mama), gaLih, FebioLa..

    QuotE oF todAy :
    "Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience."
    --Georges Louis Leclerc
    "Endeavor to be always patient of the faults and imperfections of others for thou has many faults and imperfections of thine own that require forbearance. If thou are not able to make thyself that which thou wishest, how canst thou expect to mold another in conformity to thy will?"
    --Thomas a Kempis

    niEnnA ANariOn todAys JouRnEy @ 3:29 PM

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